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Create a free forum

This site explains you how to make your free board quickly and easily.

What is a forum ?

A forum is a place where you can exchange informations and share points of view. You can manage your own communities by creating your own forum for free !

Free features of our forums

  • Personnal internet adress
    • You can choose your own address like YOURFORUM.niceboard.com
    • You can change it when you want
    • You can choose a personnal address like MYFORUM.com

  • Many themes proposed at the creation and in your configuration pannel
  • Many categories
  • Free image hosting

  • More than 70 languages
  • Powerful backup system
    • You can recover your data up to 2 months after their deleting, while preserving your last messages

  • An efficient support in many languages

Other features and options

  • Portal
  • Gallery of pictures
  • Calendar
  • Roleplay mod (character sheet, roll dice...)
  • ChatBox
  • Own html pages
  • Templates edition
  • Two easy-to-use configuration pannels
  • And many more !!

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